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Sacred Lotus Arts is one of the most comprehensive references on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) available on the internet.

Studying or referencing Acupuncture points, Chinese herbs, Chinese formulas, Yin Yang theory, Qi, causes of symptoms and diagnosis from a TCM point of view has never been easier.

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Supreme Science Qigong 2012 Tour (4 Days of Training for $99) CA, OR, WA, CT, IL


July 7 – July 10
Los Angeles Convention Center

July 14 – July 17
Portland Convention Center

August 4 – August 7
New Haven Omni Resort

August 18 – August 21
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Hotel
Chicago Area/Schaumburg, Illinois

Join the Supreme Science Qigong 2012 tour for an enlightening 4 day qi gong training.
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Experts of Yoga and Natural Medicine are raving about this seminar.
Over 40,000 people have attended and taken all 3-Levels of our Qigong.
Participants receive a world class education with live music and animation.

Qigong makes your body strong and builds energy using breath & movement.
We teach breathing exercises that deliver a full-body vibration in 45 seconds.
We teach qigong exercises that even skeptical people feel as highly tangible.
And we teach a proven Food-Healing system entitled Conquering Any Disease.

Los Angeles, Portland, Tacoma, New Haven & Chicago are the final
stops on our 2012 tour.  Both newcomers and experts will gain a wealth
of practical healing wisdom.  Nearly everyone experiences profound Qi.
For $99 it’s the deal of a lifetime and more FUN then you can imagine!

Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

The anti-inflammatory diet is a blueprint for a lifetime of optimum nutrition. Simple changes in how you eat can help counteract chronic inflammation, a root cause of many serious diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Age-related disorders, including many cancers
  • Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus

The Way of Qi Gong with Shifu Yan Lei


Qi Gong is an ancient practice that translates into “energy work” or “energy exercise”.  These exercises are designed to strengthen the “qi” or energy of the body.  Here is trailer video of Shifu Yan Lei’s “The Way of Qi Gong” where he shows a variation of one of the fundamental qi gong practices known as the Ba Duan Jin or “Eight Pieces of Brocade”.  Some believe this practice to have originated from the founder of Zen Buddhism himself, Bodhidharma.  Hundreds of years later, a Shaolin monk took the eight most effective moves, and these are the exercises demonstrated on this DVD.

Master Mantak Chia: Tao for daily life

Each of us is familiar with the Yin-Yang black & white symbol, but did you know that its origin lies in the Tao tradition? This ancient philosophy and system of life teaches us how to live in balance with the source of everything that exists, harmonising with the nature by balancing Yin and Yang energy.

The Baoli was honoured to talk about Tao and its application in daily life to one of the top Tao masters that live today, one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders, Master Mantak Chia.

How did you start your spiritual journey?
My knowledge was passed on to me by my Master Yi Eng. He spent over 30 years searching for the alchemy in the temple in China. In line with the Tao tradition, he then went to the mountains to keep searching, which also took many years. Finally he came back down from the mountains and went to Hong Kong, where I met him for the first time and stared my spiritual journey under his guidance. The Second World War was just starting…

How can we all apply ancient Tao practices in our daily life?
The Taoist teaching is very relevant in modern life. It is about transforming material matter into the non-material one. For example, the liver stores stress, anger and frustration. On the other hand, it is also a home of generosity and kindness. The liver is material and what happens with it energetically can be transformed. You can’t destroy the energy, but you can transform it.

Does Tao acknowledge science at all?
The Tao system is very practical and is based on science. It is not some kind of belief; it is pure science, with the Einstein’s formula (E = mc2) underpinning it. The science recognises that everything is made up of energy, and so does the Tao Tradition. Then you have the alchemy, the transformation happening.

Why does Tao stress the importance of working with sexual energy?
The transformation of sexual energy is the key Tao practice. Sexual energy is the strongest energy we have at our disposal. It is the commanding Chi for all the cells in our body, and is our best healing energy. You can either throw it away or you can transform it. By learning how to do the latter you also learn how to multiply and activate sexual energy. Then you have an endless source of vital force in your hands.

Do you feel you have achieved all you wanted with the Tao Garden Health Resort and Universal Tao Training Centre in Thailand?
I created Tao Garden Resort as a place where people can come to and get better in all the aspects: physical, emotional, spiritual. All my energy is combined in this place, and I want to help people get rid of anything unnecessary. As for the Tao Training Centre, we have a lot of certified teachers around the world. Next step is to systematise this work globally, help the instructors grow further and help them make their teachings stronger.

What are you manifesting for the future for Universal Taoism?
My dream is that the Inner Smile and the Inner Cosmic practices become accessible to everyone and everyone uses them in their daily life. I would like for every single person to learn how to transform the negative energy and emotions into something positive. We have a lot of negative emotions in the world today, but there are simple ways to change that.

For more details on Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort and Mantak Chia’s work, visit

Probiotics – A Critical Component for Digestive Health

Somewhat of a buzz word these days, Probiotics is another way of saying the friendly bacteria in your gut and intestines that aid in the digestion process. There are many strains of these types of bacteria most notably acidophillus (a lover of acid apparently). There are many products that are available that provide these forms of bacteria. It is worth stating that these types of bacteria are found naturally in the body but with age and exposure to certain diets these friendly bacteria can go from few to practically none.

From Kombucha, a fermented drink that produces some of these strains of digestive friendly bacteria to your everyday yogurt product these items are numerous and it can make it confusing as to what is the best to take.

There is nothing wrong with consuming a kombucha or yogurt product from time to time, these will definitely increase your natural flora (another term used for probiotics). Dependecy on these overall for most can be lacking.

Therein enters the probiotic supplement. So many to choose, which one?

Save yourself the time and forget wasting money on probiotics in capsules or liquid forms. Most of the live bacterial cultures are already dead by the time they are being purchased and consumed.  Go for what is most often referred to as the “pearl”, which is actually the patented name of the product produced by Enzymatic Therapy. This product (when not damaged through processing or extended shelf life) is the best out there. Natrol also produces one called “biobeads” and there are a few others out there as well.

The beauty of this particular form of probiotic is that it remains intact through the gastric acid of the gut (which is unlikely to happen with a traditional form like a capsule or liquid form) and is able to release some of the bacteria into the intestines which helps with the formation and defecation of stool.

Fun stuff huh? Well feeling great is. For anyone who has digestive troubles or constipation this is one of the fundamental aspects to helping improve the situation.

Here is a link to a couple of the products, make sure not to get one that is expiring and if possible try to make sure that it is not shipped in the heat!